What Are HIIT Workouts and Why They Are Effective

HIIT workouts are all the new rage in the fitness world but many of us are missing out on its benefits because we are left wondering what they are and if they really work. Well these action packed workouts which stand for, High Intensity Interval Training, are built around fast-paced exercises with little or no rest periods. Interval training has been used by athletes and people trying to get in shape for years. But now these workouts have evolved into max effort, fat, and calorie burning machines that can be game changers when trying to transform your body.

A big bonus in addition to the fantastic results these exercises produce is they are extremely flexible and easy to customize into whatever you wish to be your focus. While yes many of us do mix cardio into our daily workout routine, simply running on the treadmill or around the block does not even come close to comparing to the results people are having with HIIT exercises.

Using HIIT workouts will allow you to not only increase your muscular strength and muscular endurance, but also provide huge gains in your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. By strengthening these important systems, metabolism levels will increase and burn calories for longer periods of time compared to traditional cardio.

HIIT exercises can be a huge help for many of us that are crunched for time. We all have busy lives and too often cutting your workout routine is the first thing we do. Finding a HIIT that is best suited for what you are looking to accomplish can help shed those unwanted pounds and tone up your body fast! These workouts because of their extreme intensity, are typically anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes.

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