5 Ways to Increase Energy Before a Workout

Have you ever found it hard to get to the gym because you lacked the energy? Here are some tips to help you get that surge of energy you need in order to get the best out of your workout.


Try finding whatever gets your juices flowing.  Whether it’s a pump up playlist on your iPod, some motivational quotes or videos, or taking a look at your goals as a reminder; find something that gets you motivated to bust it in the gym.  Having an intense workout is all a frame of mind and anyone can achieve a high-motivation level. It’s just about finding what gets YOU going. If you start to hit a wall during your exercise, instead of thinking about the one reason to stop (fatigue), think about all the reasons not to. You know by pushing through, you are on the way to becoming a more fit, healthier version of you and that should be all the motivation you need. Another quick tip is to have a playlist set aside on your iPod full of fast-pace, motivating songs that really get your blood flowing. If you start to feel a drop in performance, switch over to a song from that playlist and get back into that state of mind that tells you, “Nobody can stop you from achieving your goals!”

Beachbody Performance™ Energize Pre-Workout Formula

There are always going to be pre-workout shakes, supplements, or foods that try to pitch you on being the best thing since sliced bread. Well it is true that pre-workout drinks can be all the difference between powering through a tough workout and giving up when you hit a wall. But if you are looking for that fabulous beach body, why not take the Official Beachbody Perfomance Energize Formula. This formula is specifically designed to get you through the tough workouts that are part of the Beachbody system. This fantastic supplement has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives. By simply mixing Energize with water 30 minutes prior to your workout, you can have a scientifically proven drink that maximizes your intensity in the gym and delays exercise-induced muscle fatigue.


In addition to using Beachbody Energize, a daily vitamin supplement can help increase energy levels that can be extremely beneficial in the gym. Often known as the energy vitamin because of its key role in the body transferring food into energy, B Vitamins such as B6 and B12 can be great additions to your routine.


Many see food as a no-brainer when talking about energy but are you maximizing your energy levels by watching what you take in? Food is the body’s largest source of energy and the more calories we take in, the more fuel our body can create. But we can maximize the output from our body by knowing the right types of food to target prior to a tough workout. Fruits such as watermelon, banana, and pineapple can produce high amounts of energy because they are great sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Finding small meals that contain complex carbohydrates can also give you a great pick me up for the gym without feeling stuffed before a workout. It is important to make sure you eat before a workout so that the body has fuel to burn that pesky fat off and allow us to reach the goals we set forward.


Another no-brainer but one that often gets overlooked or replaced with fancy energy juices or other alternatives is water. Water is key to our body’s survival but many people simply ignore it when trying to maximize their workout intensity. As we sweat, our body constantly loses water, resulting in the body becoming dehydrated. If we do not replace that water, our body will shut down, causing us to become fatigued sooner and performance will immediately decline. Water is essential to the body’s process of cellular function and creation of energy. So the next time you aren’t getting the results you expected from your exercise, have a glass of water (or two, or three) and get back to sheading those unwanted pounds.


Allowing your body enough time to repair itself and reload will be another great way to see a large change in your energy levels. Sleep is essential for the body to repair muscles that are broken down and stretch out each time your exercise. By ensuring that your body has at least 8 hours of sleep each night, you will be energized and ready to take down whatever workout stands before you.

Low energy levels can be caused by a variety of factors, anywhere from your mental or emotional state all the way to your nutritional habits. If feeling fatigued continues, it is best to skip the workout and head home to rest up instead. Sometimes taking a short time off to give your body an extended rest is needed. If you simply cannot stand a day away from exercise, try reducing the weight so you can avoid injury until your body is back to its normal energy level.

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