Accountability: The Key to Success

Weight loss and transforming our body can be a tough, long journey. It does not happen overnight and can have many ups and occasionally many more downs. We all set out with a goal to hold ourselves accountable, but that isn’t always what happens. Sometimes we need someone or something to help hold us to our goals and more importantly the process needed to achieve these goals. Here are a few tips to help stay on track:

Use a Scale 

Often times the scale can be scary and show us dreadful numbers we have no desire to see. Although it may hurt our ego at first, stay confident and humble and make the scale your friend. Remember you are on a path to become the best version of you and using a scale is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Yes stepping on the scale can be fearful, but the mornings you step on the scale and see lower numbers pop up than the day before can be 10 times more rewarding. You begin to crave that good feeling and push yourself to stay on top of your goals.


For some of us, losing weight is tougher than it is for others. Everyone’s body is different and everyone has their own personal goals. A tape measure can be a great tool to use to see if your waist line, hips, and thighs have become smaller. Even though you may not be seeing results on the scale, you may have gone down 4 inches around your waist for example, which is a great success. Again some of us may not be as concerned with our actual weight but want to drop a pant or dress size or two. A tape measure is a valuable way to track progress and record success.


The act of writing in a journal and physically recording our fitness journey can be a great way to remain accountable. By simply writing down what you eat for each meal, what types of exercise you did that day, what you weighed that day, general thoughts, etc. can provide more of a “real” feeling. Sometimes after a meal that you think was not that large in size but after recording it into your journal, you realize you may have gone a bit overboard. You can also hold yourself accountable by recording and recognizing successful workouts and diet habits so that you may repeat them and produce more successful results.

Small Goals

Setting small, obtainable goals provides you with an opportunity to feel success and stay on the path to overall fitness. By giving yourself several small goals, it is easier to stay locked in and accountable instead of looking at one large, lofty goal. Sometimes that final desired weight seems so far away that we lose interest and allow ourselves to skip a workout or go off course. The feeling of accomplishment is so valuable and each time you reach a goal, it will only drive you to continue your pursuit of the next one.

Partner and/or Teams

There is nothing weak about needing help on this journey. Finding a partner or a group to hold each other accountable can be the best thing for everyone. Knowing that you have friends and loved ones beside you to help keep you focused will allow you to stay driven. You also have to do your part. Make sure to hold your partner or teammates accountable as well because they are counting on you just as much as you are them. This environment can also create heathy competitions between friends that allow them to push each other to be the best.

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