Bulking Up with Bodyweight Exercises

Sometimes getting back to the basics is exactly what we need. In a society that is always looking for new, cutting edge shortcuts or ways to improve every little thing in our lives, we forget how effective the basics can be. As we continue to try to add muscular strength and size, putting down the weights and using bodyweight training can give us an edge and help us reach the fitness goals we desire. Bodyweight training includes a wide range of common exercises such as pushups, pull ups, dips, and squats that rely on simply lifting your own body weight instead of traditional weights.

Below are a few of the benefits to incorporating bodyweight exercises into your workout plans:

Keeps you Exercising – Yes, bodyweight exercises alone may not be the answer to packing on the amount of weight and muscle you desire. Sometimes you need to do some heavy lifting to get the gains you are looking for. But you may find it difficult to achieve those gains if you are injured or sore from power lifting or pushing your body beyond its max on a daily basis. Bodyweight training eliminates much of the stress on the your joints and can allow you to exercise and train on a more consistent basis. By minimizing days that you have to take off because of injury or soreness, you can increase your strength and keep your body safe.

Full Body Workout – Most bodyweight exercises have an incidental effect on other areas of the body that you do not even realize you are working out. A perfect example of this is the bench press vs the push up. These exercise both require similar motions for your chest and arms. When benching, you are typically using your pecs, shoulders, and triceps. As for when you are knocking out pushup reps, you are still hitting all those muscle groups but you are also strengthening your core muscles, back muscles, and leg muscles throughout the duration of the exercise. You just achieved a total body workout without even knowing it.

Workout Flexibility – The best workout plans often have variety in them. As we mentioned before we cannot completely ignore the value of power lifting and getting under some iron. But when bodyweight training is included in your exercise routines and in some plans the main daily focus of your routine, some serious muscular strength gains can happen. The flexibility of bodyweight training also extends into the various forms of difficulty and it can be done by almost anyone. By changing positions or for example isolating muscle groups like single leg squats instead of regular squats you can increase difficulty levels and help maximize output.

Accessibility – The most obvious benefit of bodyweight training is it can be done anywhere and at anytime. You do not need to empty out your wallet to gain membership to the biggest gym in town. Although getting out of the house and into a workout environment is very valuable as well, doing these exercises at your local gym are just as easy as doing them while at home. If you travel for work or while you are on vacation, these exercises can be done in your room and without the need to carry any equipment along in your luggage. All you need to start transforming your body is you and a desire to become the best version of yourself.


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