Bulking Up with Salads

For years, salads have been the go to meal for those trying to trim up and shed pounds. While salads are not automatically healthy, they can have major benefits in body transformation.  Salads are not only for dropping weight; they can be extremely helpful when trying to add muscle mass. A good salad base always starts with a healthy, portion-conscious bed of greens along with some of your favorite vegetables. Below are some additional toppings to add that can be the  boost your body needs to increase your muscle.

Lean Beef

Lean cut beef has always been a staple for any meal plan centered around building muscle. Adding thinly sliced strips on top of a salad can provide a great source of protein while also aiding in increasing testosterone levels. This will be valuable during intense lifting sessions and allow you to maximize your output during your training. Using lean beef in this fashion can also help with portion control. Rather than eating an entire steak at dinner, you can measure to reach the desired amount of protein without overeating.



Just about everyone knows that fish oils can be extremely beneficial for heart heath, but those same omega-3 fatty acids can also help in other ways. They can assist in muscle breakdown, allowing us to increase size and strength. While seafood may be an acquired taste for some, using a fish such as salmon or tuna could be a welcomed addition to your favorite salad recipe.


Chicken Breast

Another typical staple for anyone trying to increase protein intake to build muscle mass, skinless chicken breast is a fantastic salad topper. Because chicken can be cut into strips, chunks, or even shredded, you can keep meals new and exciting. Chicken breast contains high levels of protein, zinc, vitamin B6, and niacin. The latter of which can keep you pushing through weight goals and keep you exercising for longer periods of time.


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