Bulking Up Your Shoulders

As we tone up our bodies and create our ideal image of how our figure will be, sometimes we forget about our shoulders. We focus so much on having the largest biceps or biggest chest while increasing our shoulder strength and size could produce the largest change in your body type. Not only will you appear more muscular, your muscle group will be more balanced allowing you to increase your ability to add weight to bicep and chest exercises. Here are a few exercises you may want to add more focus to when planning your exercise routine.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

These are a simple exercise but carry a lot of upside. With the ability to be done from the comfort of your own home, dumbbell shoulder presses can be added to your exercise routine more regularly. Also, because you only need 2 dumbbells at any given time you can build your weight rack slowly at your own pace. Buy 2 dumbbells at your correct starting weight and add more to your collection as you gain strength.


Overhead Squat

The overhead squat is fantastic because of its total body benefit. Strengthening is not limited only to your shoulders, but also your back, core, and lower body. These can also be done in your home gym. You can start slow with dumbbells lifted overhead, progressing into a barbell and add weight as needed. Make sure to use a spotter as you increase weight to ensure you are safe and stable. Adding this to your routine can be a real body image game changer.


Upright Rows

Another power-packed exercise that can be accomplished at home or a gym, upright rows are vital to increasing shoulder mass. While standing with a good tall posture and using dumbbells or a barbell, upright rows will also benefit your back and core. Incorporating upright rows versus a seated row will engage more muscle groups and put more focus on your shoulders lifting the weight thus increasing their strength and mass.


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