Compete Outside The Gym This Summer To Reach New Fitness Levels

As we are aware, when trying to pack on muscle and reach optimal fitness levels, there is a lot of value in changing up our routine to avoid muscle groups becoming stagnant or overworked. Although it may be tough to consider taking a little time away from the weights and our normal lifting routines, this summer provides great opportunity to push our bodies in alternative ways. Ironman or other various forms of endurance challenge races that incorporate obstacles both mentally and physically can help us achieve new heights in strength training.


Mental Advantages – Weight training and becoming more physically fit is about more than just our bodies. It is a mental thing as well. If we cannot train our minds to work under extreme, tough conditions, then we will not be able to tell our bodies when to push through blocks keeping us from reaching our goals. Endurance marathons challenge us mentally, allowing us to train our minds to battle through adverse conditions and elevate our performance. Introducing your body and muscles to unordinary challenges or conditions can help increase endorphins, which is really helpful for our body.


Physical Advantages – Outside of the obvious advantage of the cardio included in the majority of these races, you are still strengthening just about every muscle group. While it may be unconventional and will depend on the challenges your endurance race may have, you muscle groups will be taxed to the limit! Anything from climbing rope to flipping tires, these extreme challenges will have you lifting way more than you would imagine and could allow you to surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.


Bonus! Yes, working out in the comfort of our own home is beneficial and rewarding. But again, change is often good in regards to our body. Get outside and take in the beautiful weather. Spend time with family and friends as you race alongside them. Getting ourselves fit is the goal, but it is not everything. If exercising and weight lifting become a job or chore, you are much more likely to lose interest and quit. Take an opportunity from time to time to have fun and forget about the weights for a bit because they will always be there when you need them and who knows, performing in an endurance challenge could help you achieve goals you’ve only dreamed of…


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