Debunked: HIIT Workouts, Effective or Not?

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT workouts, are an extremely effective way to trim up, tone up, and reach the fitness goals that you have set for yourself. If you are looking for a way to shed those pounds without compromising muscle mass loss, then the fast paced, and intense HIIT program is ideal for you. Keep reading to find out why!

Keep Your Muscle

Many of our fitness goals are centered around the scale. When we are trying to lose the weight and add lean muscle simultaneously, seeing the non budging number on the scale can be disappointing. With HIIT workouts, you can add that toned muscle and watch the pounds melt away. These HIIT programs are designed to be added to your routine 3-4 times per week. With that simple addition, you can maintain your heavy lifting sessions and burn the stubborn fat in a short amount of time.


Maximize Calorie Burn

During HIIT training, your body burns through an incredibly large amount of calories. This knocks your body’s ability to repair itself into high gear. This is vital when adding muscle mass. HIIT workouts give you maximum calorie burn and the benefits of weight training exercises. This means that calories are still being burned 24 hours post workout.


Big Results, Small Amount of Time

Because these workouts are intense and maximize your time (short workouts in less time = massive results), you can easily fit these training sessions into your daily routine. We all have busy schedules to manage. With fitness being a main priority, HIIT workouts are perfect for giving you the results you want in the least amount of time.



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