Holiday Struggles: The Immune System Edition

The holiday season brings joyful cheer and wonderful times with friends and family. Cold and flu season simultaneously spring upon us. It becomes a great challenge to avoid the common cold. While we may be focused, and making goals in our health and fitness journey, the true battle lies in staying healthy in the midst of the flu season. Though there are many ways to avoid germs and protect your body, how about taking an approach centered around strengthening your immune system?

Working it Out

Remaining healthy is all about our bodies being strong, and enduring our desired workouts. Staying consistent in an exercise routine is a triple whammy. It keeps you strong, healthy, and strengthens your immune system. In a nutshell, it increases the circulation throughout our bodies, allowing the immune system to function at its optimal level. Keep regular exercises as a part of your holiday agenda to avoid the common holiday gains, pack on the muscle, and strengthen your body internally and physically.


Vitamin C

Just like our muscles need supplements in addition to exercise to maximize results, our immune system benefits from supplementation too. The supplement with great benefits is Vitamin C. Throughout our nutritional plans, we can find creative ways to increase our Vitamin C intake. As the cold season comes upon us, it is crucial to increase your levels of Vitamin C.


Take a Rest

While we are getting a good night’s rest and our muscles are recuperating, the body is doing more than we may know. Often times during the holiday season, we feel as if there are not enough hours in the day. We push our bodies to the max with little rest. We must force ourselves to shut down, and recharge. If not for the muscle growth benefits, rest for the healthy and safety of your body.


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