How Creatine Can Impact Your Training

Often times during exercise programs and training periods we run out of steam and need a little extra push to tackle weight goals and new personal best. While there are many different ways to get that extra push, adding a creatine supplement to your daily workout plan could make all the difference in leveling-out or breaking down personal records reaching your ultimate goals.

Creatine is produced naturally by our bodies and is our main energy supply to our muscles. By pulling water into your muscle cells and producing higher ATP quantities which in turn increase protein synthesis, you can pack on weight quick and build muscle strength rapidly.

Spike in Energy – In today’s ever evolving world of weight training and body building, extreme intensity workouts and interval training have become the key to gaining muscle mass quickly. Creatine is made to improve performance in short, intense workouts. While studies have not produced enough results to show much of a change in aerobic exercises, workout routines that include explosive exercises that use low reps and high weight amounts can show much improvement with a creatine supplement added.

Increase Testosterone – Multiple studies have shown that once men reach the age of 30 and above, testosterone levels begin to drop. Low testosterone levels can cause us to lose energy, muscle strength, and drive (both in the weight room and in the bedroom). Using a creatine supplement either pre or post workout can not only bring those testosterone levels back up but also cover the lack of energy we may have.

Get Bigger – For most of us, our primary goal for using a creatine supplement in addition to a balanced diet packed with proteins is to increase our muscle mass and strength. Foods such as lean beef, tuna and pork have a high natural creatine content but adding a supplement can give you the edge you may need when trying to pack on some healthy pounds. As stated before, creatine brings more water into your muscle cells thus increasing them in size. The next benefit is the increase in ATP in our bodies which allow us to work our muscles and lift more weight than we normally do.

Creatine, similar to protein powder, can be a perfect addition to your daily pre or post workout shake and/or Shakeology. Creatine has many benefits to our health but mainly for those of us not trying to shed weight but pack on muscle, creatine is vital. Just as every dietary supplement, please consult a doctor and follow all guidelines and dosage instructions. Athletes that may be tested by their sport’s sanctioning body need to also make sure the product they take is approved and legal.

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