How to Avoid a Food Coma!

How many times do you go to a big family or friend’s dinner and find three people sound asleep not long after the clean-up starts? Do you ever feel this super tired feeling after you eat? That is a clue that you are slipping into food coma territory.

The Food Coma Trap

Anytime that you eat a whole lot of anything you will more than likely feel sleepy and like a slug. A full stomach lowers your heart rate, relaxes your muscles, and puts your body in a hibernation state where digestion and napping are the primary objectives.

The whole overeating is complicated by the sugar crash and burn that you get by eating all the traditional food that are heavy carbs. You stuffing and desserts are the culprits that overload the sugar in your bloodstream. The body compensates and releases insulin that puts the sugar in check but crashes you down also.

How to Survive your Meal

Instead of overdoing it with a heaping plate, there is a better way to eat so you don’t slip into Sleeping Beauty. Take smaller portions, so you do get to eat everything. At least get a taste of all of it. That is the instant pleasure that you really want.

If you feel that tiredness is approaching, you need to get moving! How about a family walk together? Music and dancing will also work here. You may not feel like it, but moving gets the muscles going which generates activity inside your body that puts a reverse on the sugar spike.

Spend time talking, hugging, and appreciating each other. Be thankful for the season. Try not to nap through it with these tips!

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