How To Increase Muscle Endurance

Increasing your muscle endurance is key to improving your level of fitness.
How can I improve muscle endurance you might ask? Well, follow these tips to reach optimal muscle performance.


One of the quickest ways to increase your muscle endurance is to add explosive exercises to your workouts as much as possible. Using things such as box jumps, hurdle jumps, or burpees to shock your muscle groups will help both strengthen and allow your muscles to work longer.

Increase the Intensity

Try using a lower amount of weight but ramp up the intensity of your sets. By juicing up the pace while lifting, you can kick start your metabolism and increase the level and amount of time your muscles can perform at their peak.

Keep the Body Guessing

Sometimes as committed lifters, we fall into the trap of being in a routine. While having a routine of actually getting to the gym is great, using the same workout over and over can really hinder your performance. To increase your endurance, continue to push your body through new barriers and alter your workout regimen every couple of weeks. New exercises will make lifting fun and exciting while also using muscles in different ways.

Don’t Skip the Cardio

When hearing anything muscle related, we immediately think weights. Weights are vital of course, but don’t overlook mixing cardio into your workouts. Rather than keeping the two separate, combine lifting with cardio to maximize your body’s strength endurance.


You have to keep your body hydrated. By keeping water in your system, you can avoid muscle failure and be able to last longer during workouts. A good rule of thumb is to drink half of your lean body mass in ounces prior to working out.

Protein is the Way to Go

Replenishing what your body burns throughout intense workouts is key to maximizing how long you can sustain optimal muscle production. By taking in quality proteins like lean meat, eggs, and supplement drinks such Shakeology can keep your body fueled properly.

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