How to Manage Back Spasms

When hitting the weights hard and trying make gains in size and strength, our back can really take a pounding and become extremely sore. Back spasms can be debilitating and keep us out of the gym and from doing the activities we love. Serious cases can even prevent us from performing common everyday task we have become accustomed to doing. While these painful episodes can literally bring us to our knees, there are ways we can manage the symptoms and begin to get back on track to doing all the things we wish to do.


You will need to start slow with small movements in the beginning and progress as symptoms decrease. Often times the spasms will almost completely prevent you from moving and bending the way you wish, so trying to do what you can and add as you go is very important. We do not want to aggravate the muscles and nerves more than they already are.

Cold Treatment

Applying some ice or cold packs when the injury first arises can help calm the inflammation down and help provide relief. Finding the most comfortable position to sit/lay in that does not increase pain or spasm symptoms and applying a cold compress or ice pack will help your body relax.

Warm Treatment

Alternating some warm treatments opposite the cold treatment will provide relief as well. Once the inflammation has calmed down, using a heat pack or complete submersion will increase blood flow to the injury site and loosen up tight, achy muscles. Running a hot bath and using some Epsom salts or if available to you, heading to your gym for a soak in the hot tub is a great way to calm your back spasm symptoms.

Kineso Tape

Some may know about Kineso Tape (or K-Tape) already but for those who do not, it is a flexible athletic tape that can be used to assist in many different ways. Depending on the placement, tightness, and direction the tape is used will change the result and benefit of the taping. K-tape can provide stability or take pressure off of tight muscles so that we may be able to achieve normal movements and stretches that will get us closer to becoming healthier again.

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