March Madness

March is an exciting time for college basketball fans, but we can use this month to prepare us for the quickly approaching spring and summer seasons. Before we know it, we will be ditching our long sleeves and sweatshirts for tank tops and clothes that will show off our chiseled bodies. Let’s be ready for it!

Increase Intensity

If you are not using HIIT workouts during your weekly exercise routine, March may be the perfect month to sprinkle some fast-paced, sweat inducing workouts into your plan. Toning up and shedding those last few pesky pounds before you start shopping for this season’s bathing suit and beach clothes will give you more confidence and give you the positive body image you seek. While we do not have to completely forget about bulking up, increasing the intensity and adding more cardio-driven exercises can help prepare us for some fun in the sun.

Contract Your Muscles

When looking to add definition and shape to our muscles, it is vital to emphasize form throughout the length of our exercises. By making sure our muscles are engaged and tense during the exercise will create a harder muscle. Focus on slowing down the negative phase of each exercise and staying tense as long as possible.

Recommit to Your Core

Sometimes when we are attempting to bulk up and add mass, we forget about our core. Our bench and curl max take precedent and our ab routine falls to the wayside. This March, try carving our set time in your routine each day for ab exercises. When spring break and summer months creep up on us, we will be ready to show off our beach bods.

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