Paddle Sports 101

Paddling has become one of the fastest-growing and popular outdoor activities. This is not just your vacation canoe adventure anymore. This paddling can build up your arms and your abs and burn 320 calories per hour that you stroke the paddle.

Paddle What?

If you are close to an ocean, lake, river, or pond, you can get your water sport on. In the last few years, kayaking has increased, but the real surprise is stand-up paddleboarding. People have flocked to do that form of fun. There are many rental locations around that can help you get everything that you need to try these sports, including life vests. Often, those places have instructors too that you can use. It makes sense to experiment using several different models of kayaks and SUP boards before you invest in getting your own. There are SUP boards that cost near to $1000, so a bit of experience is beneficial in making equipment decisions.

Dressing for the Water

It is definitely water and usually hot outside, so bathing suits are a popular choice since you do usually have the potential of getting wet. Some people even wear a rash guard or wetsuits over their swimsuits. This helps block the sun. When you are on the water, there are reflection challenges which increase the sun exposure. It is smart to have sunglasses when you paddle.

This is a great way to expand your fun and fitness for the whole family!


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