Power Foods Talk

How about another round of power foods to put on your plate to help you with your health and fitness journey? That’s right 5 more foods that you may not be eating that could make a difference and may help you in weight loss.

Quinoa is a seed from a flowering plant. Often people label quinoa a “whole grain” or a “super grain.”  This wonderful product is full of fiber, protein, and many micronutrients that aid in the fight against obesity. Quinoa can easily be a substitute for rice or oats in meals. Do not limit the use of quinoa to dinner. It is easy to use in lunches and breakfast also.

Greek Yogurt
Move a bit further down the aisle in the yogurt section and reach for the Greek yogurt. This choice is a superfood protein dynamo that is also packed with great gut beneficial probiotics.  Use Greek yogurt in your breakfast, as part of your lunch, as a snack, use it within smoothies, utilize it in desserts. The options are endless. The benefits alone should convince you!

How often do you have pistachios? According to research, they are a monounsaturated fat-filled superstar that can help in weight loss and inches lost. Use pistachios in your dishes by grinding them in your food processor and mix them into your Greek yogurt or as a dry rub ingredient to your poultry. Mix them into your oatmeal or salads. Be creative with how you use them.

Parsley is underused in cooking. Often parsley is considered a garnish, but it is so much more. This herb is packed with an antioxidant named quercetin that decreasing fat-cell formation. Parsley is only 22 calories a cup and is full of flavor. Use parsley in cooking by including that in a food processor with items like pistachios and create crust rubs. You can also add it to salads or pasta. Don’t neglect the parsley.

Rhubarb seems to be something of the past, but it is a metabolism booster that is high in potassium. Rhubarb also helps with bloating. Often it is called a fruit because people have used it in pies, but it is really a vegetable.  It has a sour, fruity taste. Some people make rhubarb compote, rhubarb tarts, or sauces. Find a rhubarb stalk and try it soon.

Mixing in these foods can expand your menus and benefit you getting to a smaller size! Why not try something you have not had?

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