Pumping Iron with a Partner

Lifting with a partner or alone is a matter of personal preference, but what if you were missing out on valuable muscle gains by going at this battle alone. Finding a good workout partner can be extremely beneficial for packing on more muscle while also being responsible in regards to safety. Below are a few of the advantages of finding a partner that help hold you accountable on your journey.

Push Your Body to the Max – Lifting weights alone can sometimes be refreshing, used to clear your mind, and relieve stress. All those things are good but is this the most effective way to pack on muscle mass? If our goal is to get bigger, we need to push our bodies to the extreme and not go through the motions of a normal exercise. Having a partner with you will allow you to feel comfortable lifting larger amounts of weight for more reps. Without the fear of your body fatiguing mid rep, you can push through hurdles and finish exercises to completion and make sure muscles are worked hard. Another plus to having a partner is being able to do a wider range of exercises that call for having a partner. This allows us to work muscles that we may have been missing when we exercise alone.

Be Smart, Be Safe – Even with small amounts of weight that you normally have no problem controlling, it is smart to have spotters nearby. If we are working out properly, there will be sweat. As we start to increase the amount of weight we are pushing, the chances of us losing control of that weight or falling out of proper form increases as well. A partner can be there to make sure you are staying in a safe range of motion and not becoming susceptible to dangerous injury.

Keep Each Other on Track – There are plenty of distractions that can steer us of course and sometimes self-motivation is simply not enough. By having someone there to hold you accountable for not only your workout expectations but also what you are putting into your body, sets you up for the largest amount of success in building muscle. A partner can also provide an opportunity to breed constructive competition to challenge each other to achieve their best. At the end of the day the outcome of the competition is a moot point, but the fact that everyone making everyone work their hardest builds the most muscle for all involved.

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