Ramp Up Training with High Altitude Masks

New training methods appear very quickly in the world of fitness and committed lifters are always looking for a new way to push their body to increased heights. The simple science behind high altitude mask has been used in many other areas of training throughout the years. These masks work similar to jump training with ankle weights. Start to train your body to exercise with more weight than normal and once those weights are removed, your muscles are used to working at higher levels. With an altitude mask, training will become more intense forcing your body to work harder and increase its ability to provide oxygen so when the mask is removed your body performs tough tasks much easier.

Here are some additional benefits that training with an altitude mask can bring:
Cut your Workout Time – HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts have become a new fad in lifting as everyone seems to be on board with short, intense lifting sessions. Not only with altitude masks improve your body’s ability to perform at higher levels, it will also allow you to decrease the time spent in the gym or working out at home. Life can get busy and often times our workouts are the main thing to suffer. Training with altitude masks will help fit intense workouts into small windows of time while still increasing your fitness level rather than just maintaining where you are.

Increased Blood Flow – Training your body to process more efficiently will help increase lung capacity and blood flow. We all know the muscle repair process is vital to the growth we seek and increasing the levels of blood flow to those muscles will aid the body repair itself more effectively. Increased blood flow efficiency can also be valuable to our overall heath level and can help us avoid injuries and debilitating diseases.

Increase Endurance – Once you have trained your body to work at its elevated levels, you can now remove the mask during training sessions and see the amazing gains. When in the past you may have run out of stamina in 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour into your lift; now because your body can work more efficiently it can sustain your intensity level much longer. The longer you can spend lifting and training, the more you can increase your opportunity to stretch and increase muscle size and grow.


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