Shaping Up Your Shoulders

Shoulder work brings those great results that make those flex Friday pictures rock. Women want those cute sleeveless outfits to look great. But shoulders are an area of the body that needs some TLC.

Research shows that 68% of women who weight trained on their own developed joint and muscle imbalance that ultimately interferes with the toning and sculpting and can result in injury or shoulder pain. Here are two tips to get those fantastic shoulders:

Limber up correctly

The most common stretch done is one where the arm is stretched by tugging it across the chest. This, however, pulls on the scapula. The better way to do this is to keep your shoulder blade steady and stretch just the muscle against a wall or lying down.

Wall Stretch

Stand with your right side to the wall. Extend your right arm forward at shoulder height while leaning in to rest your arm on the wall.  Pull the right arm across your body with your left hand. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.

If you Push, you should Pull

Pushups need to be followed by rows. The key is not to overwork the front of the shoulder because in effect you are weakening the back. This can also create pain or injury. Be sure to balance your pushing and pulling.

Your shoulders are a big part of your arm work in your workout, so take the time to stretch at your warm up and your cool down. Giving TLC to your shoulders will be your secret weapon and a significant benefit to your fitness goals.

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