Staying Accountable During the New Year

Accountability is a word used quite often in the world of fitness, but it can mean different things for everyone. Some have more success when they are the ones holding themselves accountable while others many perform better when a partner is used to keep them on their path. During 2017, whether you have brand new resolutions or are continuing your fitness lifestyle it is important to find ways to stay on track and accountable for what you are putting into and getting out of your body.

Make Goals Visible

Being able to visibly see the goals you are hoping to accomplish day in and day out will keep them fresh on your mind and will help you remain accountable. To get the biggest benefit, place your goals where they will be most visible to you throughout the day. For example, you might stick them on your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your car dashboard, or your computer/desk at work. Seeing a quick note to  will motivate you and in most cases. seeing them  a few times a day could be all you need to help this year’s resolutions stick.


Plan Your Meals

Most of our fitness resolutions will need to focus on both exercise and making nutritional changes. Planning meals ahead of time can be beneficial not only for your health but also for on your wallets. Setting aside specific portions for breakfast, lunch and dinner will make it you less likely to over eat or in some cases under-eat. When bulking up, it is extremely important to consume enough proteins to power us  you through muscle building exercise.


Lean on Your Coach

Earlier, we mentioned either holding yourself accountable or finding a partner that could help  you stay on track. But there is a third option. Beachbody provides you with a free coach that will help motivate you, that will help you stay accountable, and that will help you reach your goals. In addition to your free coach, Beachbody Programs can be the perfect accountability partner for accomplishing your new year’s resolution. Programs such as 21 Day Fix, P90X, Insanity and the rest of the Beachbody lineup stand by your side through challenges and help  you find success. You do not have to face your resolutions alone this year. Allow your coach and to be the accountability partner you need.



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