The Chicken or The Egg

One of the oldest questions in our society that always creates an interesting debate is which came first, the chicken or the egg. Well since we cannot come to a consensus, let’s change the question a little. Which is more important to our nutritional plan, chicken or eggs? Just about everyone has watched “Rocky” down some eggs while in training mode and almost every muscle building nutritional program has chicken breast somewhere mixed in, but which is better? Now we cannot factor in your individual taste buds and preferences, so we are going to lay out some pros for each food.


  • Chicken breast have 19:1 protein to fat ratio
  • Easily broken down by body to assist in muscle repair
  • Easily frozen and/or stored making meal prepping easier
  • Versatile and easily transformed for many recipes
  • Average cost is a little over 3 cents/gram of protein


  • 1 egg can supply the body with over 12% of the recommended daily protein intake
  • Contain many other vital amino acids needed for muscle repair
  • Omega-3 fatty acids in eggs provide total nutrition including brain health and inflammation control
  • Average cost is around 2 cents/gram of protein


Now both have plenty of positives and are essential to the body in their unique ways. It is also important to outline the specific goals you are seeking and finding the ideal nutritional plan for you. Finding a balanced nutritional program that includes both eggs and chicken could be the boost you need for packing onto or building upon your frame.

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