The Power Trio: Best Foods To Make Sure Have In Your Diet

It is a well-known fact that if we are trying to pack on muscle, the protein level consumed in our diet needs to be cranked up a few notches.  Protein can be found in all sorts of foods, but there are a few select items to add to your next grocery list that give you the high amounts of protein needed while also providing additional muscle gaining benefits. Be on the lookout for these special foods next time you go shopping.

Vegetable – Beets: Adding beets to your diet, which on average contain about 2.5 grams of protein per cup, also benefit your ability to work out harder. Your diet has a large effect on gaining muscle, but you cannot get stronger without lifting weights. Eating beets can increase cardiovascular production sending more oxygen and red blood cells to muscle allowing you to train harder and train longer. By keeping your workout intense for longer periods of time, muscle growth can occur much quicker. Beets are also fantastic because they can be prepared in many different ways, including blended into a juice for easy consumption.


Meat – Skinless Chicken Breast: Finding recipes that include skinless chicken breast should be the cornerstone of your muscle-building diet. Not only because chicken breasts contain insane amounts of lean protein, but because of the vitamin B3 found in it as well. Vitamin B3 is considered by some to be a vitamin that can naturally increase the body’s release of growth hormone and is an essential part of muscle cell recovery and reproduction.


Fruit – Guava: This amazing fruit may not be your first thought while walking through your local grocery store and you may need to branch out to a more organic type grocery but guava can provide many benefits to your muscle gain. Fruits in general are a must when packing on muscle because of their simple sugar content and ease of restoring glycogen levels which assists in the recovery of what is used while lifting. Guavas on average can contain about 2.5 grams of protein while only having about 50 calories. These power packed fruits can also contain almost 400% of your daily recommended Vitamin C intake per serving.


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