Using The Pool To Transform Your Body

This summer there will be plenty of fun distractions to keep you away from the gym and your exercise routine. Cookouts, vacations, and pool parties can all make you lose track of your goals but the latter may actually be able to help you! While having fun in the sun and cooling off in the pool, this summer try adding some workouts to your pool visits to help become the best version of yourself.

Core Exercises – Using the water as resistance can be a fun, challenging way to strengthen your core muscles. Typical core workouts such as bicycles, leg lifts, knee to elbows, and crunches all can be performed in and under the water. Try using the pool wall or a water noodle to stabilize yourself and perform these exercises all while enjoying a fun time in the water.

Lower Body Exercises – Working out your lower half in the water can be fantastic when your joints and muscles may be sore from your exercise routine. The water resistance still provides resistance to strengthen your muscles, so a “day off” really won’t be. Try squat jumps, jogging under water, knee tucks and side to side jumps to give your legs a great pool workout.

Upper Body Exercises – Upper body exercises can sometimes be a little more difficult to accomplish because the use of water weights are the best way to strengthen those muscles. Bicep curls done under water can be great because the water provides resistance both on the way up and equal resistance on the way down.

Even the simplest pool exercise like treading water can be a full body workout that will leave your muscles stronger than before. Of course being in the pool doesn’t have to be all work, so remember to have fun and enjoy your summer as you tone up, slim down and become a healthier you.

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