Weight Lifting Belts: How to Use Them and What Exercises to Use Them With

Have you ever been to a gym or fitness center and saw someone using a weight lifting belt? Most of us have probably wondered exactly what they are used for. Some of us have used them ourselves but have we strapped it on just to say we did? Do we know exactly why we are using it and how it can benefit us? Let’s make sure we know how to use this piece of equipment so that we can maximize our output every day and reach the goals we have set.

Core Stability

When performing lifts such as deadlifts and squats it is important to stabilize your core from both a safety and performance standpoint to prevent injury. By having a strong, (take out the coma) tight core and minimizing the amount of movement in any direction other than the direction you are lifting will help maximize your output ability.


When to Use It

A belt while very effective in preventing injuries is not necessary for everyday exercise, so save the use of a weight lifting belt for when you are going for your max weight. If you are doing any sets that are within 10% – 15% of your one rep max, a weight lifting belt is a good idea. Not only will this aid in abdominal muscles and skeletal systems such as your spine, but allow you to push through to your goals.


Belt for Bench?

You may have never even considered using a weight belt for bench press or maybe you are someone who has already seen the benefits. Utilizing a weight belt for max bench press lifts can help you achieve the gains you are looking for. Just as in squats or deadlifts, start by taking a deep breath and utilizing  your core muscles will help assist in the lifting process. It will also help to prevent wasted movement throughout the duration of the lift and keep your body safe.


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