Why This Summer Is the Perfect Time to Start Body Beast

There are many fitness programs to pick from in the Beachbody family and the important thing is finding the one that best suits your personal goals. But the summer months can be challenging with more distractions and less time to exercise. Looking for the answer? Body Beast could be exactly what you need. Designed to build muscle mass during an intense 90-day workout and nutritional regimen, exercises can be done at home gyms and will not consume your entire summer. Here are some more benefits to turning to the Beast this summer:

Intensity – As one of the more intense workouts in the Beachbody family, be ready for your body to be put to the test with Body Beast. Workout routines with Body Beast will have your muscles feeling exhausted in as little as 30 minute sessions. Instead of spending hours upon hours in the gym, now with a small amount of equipment from the comfort of your own home, you can achieve amazing results and transform your body this summer.

Nutritional Assistance – Similar to other Beachbody programs such as 21 Day Fix and Hammer and Chisel, Body Beast not only supplies you with the workouts needed to shred your body but gives you the outline to eat properly and fuel your body with what it needs. In even the basic package with Body Beast, you are given everything you need to get the edge needed this summer on your path to total fitness.

Great for Men and Women – It is a constant struggle in the fitness world for women to become enrolled into lifting heavily because of the fear of becoming too bulky. While this is untrue, it is still something that can cause women to avoid intense workouts such as Body Beast. While it is centered more around men, the Beast can still be very effective for women. The nutritional plan can be reduced so that women do not have to eat mass amounts of food. This benefit, allowing you to exercise with your significant other, can really help you stay motivated, get fit, and spend quality time together this summer.


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