Why To Put Stability Balls at the “Core” of Your Training

If you have been to a gym or walked through the exercise aisle at your favorite sporting goods store, you have more than likely seen a stability or exercise ball. Also, if you lost yourself in hilarious YouTube videos, then you have probably seen someone using these balls as a battering ram or launching pad. Well these large, brightly colored pieces of equipment are not toys and could be extremely helpful in your exercise routine. Many people see them as just a way to switch up your ab workout but they may be incorporated into much more of your routine than you might think. Here are some ways and reasons why using a stability ball in your training session could increase your opportunity to transform your body.

Upper Body

Including a stability ball with upper body exercises such as shoulder press, bicep curls, and shrugs will reinforce proper posture and help fire core and back muscles throughout the duration of the reps in addition to the muscles you are working directly. Using a stability ball with exercises like dumbbell bench press, overhead triceps extension or shoulder flys where your core is flattened and your back muscles are engaged will again allow you to build multiple muscle groups at one time.


Lower Body

A large benefit of using a stability ball for a lower body exercise such as squats is the ability to improve your balance. By replacing a stationary object like a bench with a round stability ball will cause you to rely on your leg muscles and core muscles much more throughout the exercise. Stability balls are also a great tool to stretch hamstring and quadriceps muscles after intense training sessions to maximize muscle growth.



The key word in this great piece of equipment is stability. Your core muscles are vital and not because everyone wants six-pack abs. These muscles are what hold your body upright allowing you do to accomplish natural tasks you probably take for granted. Having a good base or core to build a muscular body around will be much easier when the core muscles are a focus of your exercise routine. The more muscle you pack on, the more you will need to rely on a strong core to allow your body to function properly.



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