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If we are to achieve the muscle gains we desire, sore muscles are going to happen. We have to have micro traumas happen to our muscle fibers for them to expand and easy workout sessions do not get it done. We also cannot afford to consistently take days away from our exercise routine because of nagging injuries. Building muscle mass requires you to lift so if you are hurting and unable to push your body through new hurdles, it will be tough to reach the gain we want.

Dietary and workout supplements are very helpful in our quest to get our body where we want it to be but in some situations can become a little pricey. It also depends on each particular person how their body responds to the supplement and which benefits help them the most. Natural supplements can help provide multiple benefits to your muscles while avoiding loading up your body with various ingredients. Now remember if you find a supplement that works for you, stick with it! You can use these natural supplements in addition to anything you are using now to give your body the best opportunity to get bigger and stronger.

Here are a few of nature’s best muscle saving supplements to be on the lookout for:

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt baths have been around for ages and often used for the working class after a long day. Athletes have also been a big fan of the soothing salt but it seems as if lifters have ignored the wonderful benefits. Maybe it is the “macho-ness” and not wanting to take a bath but Epsom salt could be all you need to continue to feel fresh and ready to go for the next workout on your schedule. It may also help relax you right before bed to allow your muscles to rest properly and receive all the nutrients overnight that it needs.


Tart Cherry

For some of us tart cherries may be an acquired taste because of the amounts of natural sugar but the benefits are amazing! Known as one of nature’s greatest anti-inflammatories, they are most effective in juice form. Having them as a juice also allows us to combine with other supplement powders that need a boost in flavor as well as help in preventing muscle soreness. Tart cherry juice can help muscles recover faster and keep you in your exercise routine.



This powerful root is versatile in how it can be used to help prevent soreness while also increasing circulation and blood flow. Ginger has a lot of flavor and can be used in food recipes and also mixed with honey to make a tea. One of the best ways to use its benefits is to create a muscle wrap by grating pieces into a sealed piece of cotton, soaking it in hot water and placing directly onto the sore area.


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