Hidden Powers of Pumpkin

Fall is here! As we ready ourselves for all the treats that are in store for us this Halloween season, it is easy to lose sight of some of our fitness and health goals. Office parties and taking the kids trick or treating can put sugary, unhealthily options right in front of our faces. Typically, once the calendar flips to October, pumpkins are just about everywhere we look. Instead of seeing them only as a fun activity or decoration, let’s discuss some of the major benefits to adding more pumpkin into your diet this holiday season.

Great Post Workout Snack

After intense training sessions, our body needs assistance replenishing what we lost through sweat. Pumpkin is a wonderful source of potassium, actually even more than the famed potassium king banana. Potassium helps to refuel our bodies and can also help us avoid muscle cramps after working them to the max.


Strong Source of Fiber

Along with being a food with one of the largest amounts of Vitamin A, pumpkin is a powerful source of fiber. Using pumpkin in your nutrition planning can help give you a sense of being full for much longer periods of time, allowing you to scale back the amount of food you are actually eating. Pumpkin is also extremely low in calories, so it is a great food to eat when you are hungry.


Versatile and Easy to Use

Adding pumpkin to your meal planning is very easy and can be accomplished in a multitude of ways. Of course you know of the not so healthy choice, pumpkin pie (because of the added sugar). With a few modifications, pumpkin pie can still be enjoyed as a good desert choice and can be a good way to treat yourself for goals achieved without going overboard. Pumpkin can be consumed in seed form, puree form, used for smoothies, or used as a pasta addition.


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