Tips on How to Become Your Own Accountability Partner

For some of us, having an accountability partner helps to push us and keep us on track. For others, having an accountability partner may have little to no effect on motivation. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself who should be the most invested in your fitness goals. That’s right, the answer is yourself. Not your spouse, not your accountability partner – you. Don’t get me wrong, accountability partners can offer great support. However, the more you are emotionally, mentally, and physically invested in your own fitness journey, the more likely you are to see maximum results. Instead of leaning on someone else to push you through tough sets, try finding that fire and drive inside yourself. If you want to become a better accountability partner to yourself, try using a few of these tips to get on the right path.

Be Smart with Goals

Packing on muscle does not happen overnight. Set obtainable benchmarks in your path up the muscle gain ladder so that you remain encouraged and energized. If you go into your lift for the day thinking you can reach a goal, you will likely be more excited to get to work. On the other hand, if you know the goal is out of reach before you even begin your stretches; being enthused will be very difficult. The reward of accomplishing your goals through hard work and pushing yourself will have you ready to celebrate each of your achievements.


Meal Prep

Maximizing muscle gains happens in the kitchen just as much as it does through exercise. Eating the correct food and amounts of food needed is extremely important in our path to become stronger. Planning meals and portion size ahead of time will prevent you from becoming your own worst enemy by being tempted with unhealthy food options. Healthy food choices are an investment so taking a mindset to not waste your investment by throwing away uneaten prepped meals will help keep you on track as well.


Daily Supplements

Using daily supplements in your fitness routine will allow you to become more accountable for yourself through the investment mindset as well. The more you take care of your body as a whole, the more you will desire to reach your full muscle gain potential. Staying routine with when you take your supplements, pre-workout drink, and post-workout drink will act as a reminder to not waste all that you are putting into this lifestyle.


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